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  • tumblers — Dove Dove (d[u^]v), n. [OE. dove, duve, douve, AS. d[=u]fe; akin to OS. d[=u]ba, D. duif, OHG. t[=u]ba, G. taube, Icel. d[=u]fa, Sw. dufva, Dan. due, Goth. d[=u]b[=o]; perh. from the root of E. dive.] 1. (Zo[ o]l.) A pigeon of the genus {Columba} …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • tumblers — tum·bler || tÊŒmblÉ™(r) n. drinking glass without a stem or handle; acrobat; part of a lock which releases the bolt to move; gear moving part of a transmission, cog for transmitting power from a rotating shaft (Machines); species of dog that… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • stumbler — tumblers …   Anagrams dictionary

  • Tumbler (Project Xanadu) — Tumblers were proposed by Ted Nelson in Literary Machines as a means to address all contents and links (as well as ranges and sets of contents and links) within the Xanadu system. Tumblers were used in the Xanadu FEBE (Front End Back End)… …   Wikipedia

  • Padlock — For other uses, see Padlock (disambiguation). Padlock Padlocks are portable locks used to protect against theft, vandalism, sabotage, unauthorized use, and harm. They are designed to protect against some degree of forced and surreptitious entry …   Wikipedia

  • lock — lock1 lockless, adj. /lok/, n. 1. a device for securing a door, gate, lid, drawer, or the like in position when closed, consisting of a bolt or system of bolts propelled and withdrawn by a mechanism operated by a key, dial, etc. 2. a contrivance… …   Universalium

  • H. J. Stotter — A New Jersey based manufacturer of injection molded plastic tumblers and tableware. The brand achieved popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, when its colorful plastic tumblers were sold at high end retail shops. The tumblers and bar ware were… …   Wikipedia

  • List of glassware — Typical glassware This list of glassware includes drinking vessels (drinkware), tableware, such as dishes, and flatware used to set a table for eating a meal, general glass items such as vases, and glasses used in the catering industry whether… …   Wikipedia

  • Midland, South Dakota —   Town   Locatio …   Wikipedia

  • America's Got Talent (season 2) — infobox television show name = America s Got Talent (Season 2) rating = TV PG, TV 14 format = Reality talent show runtime = Varies creator = Simon Cowell Ken Warwick Cécile Frot Coutaz Jason Raff executive producer = Simon Cowell Ken Warwick… …   Wikipedia

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